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Why use a Public Adjuster? 

The benefits using a public adjuster far outweigh not using one! Ademar Public Adjusters in Florida, Miami based main office. Public Adjuster services available throughout Florida.

Pauline O'Rourke  / License # P071250
Adanais Marcote / Principal Adjuster /License # E048508

Office 305-221-1407

CELL 954-579-8124

The advantages of using a public adjuster?



Some Facts:

  • Florida Public Adjusters (work for homeowners and business owners who have suffered damages) NO FEE unless we win your case, and get you a maximized settlement! We are on your side!

Versus -

  • Claims adjusters (work for the insurance companies and try to get you to accept a low settlement, or may even deny your claim) 


What is a Public Adjuster?   
  • ANSWER: A Public Adjuster is a professional licensed by the State of Florida Department of Financial Services to represent the policyholder, not the insurance company.

Why should I Hire a Public Adjuster?
  • ANSWER: The Insurance company hires their own adjuster to assess the damages, this adjuster works for the insurance company and not for you. With a Public Adjuster you level the playing field, you have a professional to fight for you and protect your interests.

Doesn’t my insurance company send an Adjuster?
  • ANSWER: Yes, and that Adjuster has the insurance company’s interest at hand, not yours.

Can I re-open a claim I already got paid for?
  • ANSWER: In most instances, yes you can. Call us 954-579-8124 or at 305-221-1407 and we will evaluate the case at no charge.
My claim was denied can you help?
  • ANSWER: Yes we can help with claims denial.
When should I call a Public Adjuster?
  • ANSWER: You should call a Public Adjuster immediately before reporting the claim to the insurance company and let the public Adjuster report the claim. If you have already reported the claim, call the Public Adjuster for a free consultation and let the Ademar Adjuster guide you.
Why Ademar The Public Adjusting Firm?
  • ANSWER:  Ademar the Public Adjusting Firm is a reputable Public Adjusting Company in Florida that has been in business since 2002. The company is composed of a staff of over 20 adjusters and support staff.  All Adjusters are experienced, licensed and bonded. The team of Adjusters have been part of Ademar and working together for over 21 years. We take pride in what we do and we have assisted approximately 10,000 homeowners in the recovery of approximately 300 million dollars. We have extensive experience in handling any type of insurance property claim.

The Public Adjusting Firm, Inc offers a unique in house team of Loss Consultants selected for their expertise in construction and building estimation, finance and economics, furniture and personal property restoration and estimating, certified mold remediators and loss adjustment.

  • Our full team of professionals is dedicated to work for you. This unique blend of talent enables us to present your claim legitimately and with a full understanding of all aspects of the claim enabling us to ultimately obtain larger and more satisfactory claim settlements.

Public Adjusters in Miami FL, handle damage claims in Florida, no matter what insurance you have, we can help! On YOUR side.

Our Team
With our main office in Miami and regional locations in the state, Ademar can service all areas of Florida. Ademar Florida Public Adjusters have over 125 years of experience combined. 

Our existing team of licensed adjusters have been working together for over 21 years. They each bring a unique area of experience and expertise into the claims handling process. Our licensed and bonded Public Adjusters enjoy a positive reputation in the industry. Ademar Adjusters are well respected and valued in the Industry. We strive in satisfying our clients and 21 years in the Industry is proof that our clients are pleased with our services and our continual ability to maximize their claim settlement. 

Ademar Public Adjusters in Florida, Ademar The Public Adjusting Firm, Inc. Miami Florida.