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Claims Questions and How A Public Adjuster in Florida Will Help You

We are Public Adjusters in Miami- Dade County, Broward County, Monroe County, Palm Beach County, Collier County and expanding areas in Florida.

Claims Questions, call us now! 

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CALL US FIRST!!  If you've had damages, get an experienced Ademar adjuster by your side , working for YOU, and fighting for your best interest, NOT the insurance company.

Wondering how to handle an insurance claim in Florida? Ademar The Public Adjusting Firm will help you with every detail of your insurance claim.

Questions you may have after damages to your property have occurred.

What do I need from my insurance company?

  • A complete copy of your policy.  Even if you are not sent a policy, contact your insurance company and request a true certified copy of the policy. (At the very least you must have a Declaration Page)
  • The Name Insured.
  • Your Policy Number.

Should I call my insurance company first or a Florida public adjuster? My property has damage.

  • You should always call a Public Adjuster first!!... 
    so we can begin assisting you in the entire claims process immediately!! 

What if you forget to call your public adjuster first and report the claim to your insurance company yourself? Make sure you ...

  1. Write down time and date of report
  2. Note the name of the person you reported to
  3. Note the claim number assigned to your case.
Also important
  • Take business cards of everyone that goes into your home.
  • Be careful with the forms you sign!
  • Take PHOTOS and Videos of your damages!!

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Ademar's Florida Public Adjusters can help you get more money for your settlement claim!

We do not work for insurance companies, we work for you. Our public adjusters have the expertise necessary to document, analyze, prove your claim and get you the best recovery!